Digital Marketing Services


Every website I create is built with Serach Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind.

It is one thing to create a website and put it online but another thing for people to actually find it when they are searching.

Good SEO is the number one way to be found on Google and other search engines.

The level of SEO provided is dependant on your needs.

If you have an existing website which is failing to rank SEO audits and SEO strategies can also be provided


Seo graphic

Social Media Management

Social media logo's

Social media marketing is an essential element of any digital marketing strategy, even more so for small localised businesses.

But with all the other responsibilities you face in the day to day running of a business how can you find the time to successfully and consistently manage and produce content for social media on top of everything else.

By outsourcing the management of your social media platforms you can save time and generate new clients.


Logo Design

Raising The Bar


The initial logo for Raising the Bar was created by a graphic designer (before I was able to design myself)

This current version is an update and adapted version I edited with slight changes so that it would work well across all platforms.

To the right is the image version without text »

O'Brien landscaping and lawn care logo

O’Brien Landscaping and Lawn Care

 For O’Brien Landscaping and Lawn Care this logo was created from scratch.

An initial logo was in place and the only part kept was the main font.

This logo was created with a metallic effect and a slight 3d look and feel 

Content Creation

You have by now probably heard the expression that content is king.

As google algorithms continue to change this is becoming more and more the case with a focus on consumer experience over other out dated SEO and digital marketing methods.

Content can include blogs, images, video, polls, info-graphics and a number of other forms.

Constantly trying to create engaging content yourself can have a drain on your time and energy.

Content creation diagram

YouTube Banner Art

Raising The Bar

This banner was created for use on the Raising The Bar YouTube channel
The banner has a gym floor style background image, with 3d styled text and main channel content below.
When on YouTube the image is cropped to just above and below the text
Raising The Bar YouTube banner art
O'Brien Landscaping and Lawn Care YouTube banner art

O’Brien Landscaping and Lawn Care

The banner to the left was created for O’Brien Landscaping and Lawn Care’s YouTube channel.
The background has a carbon fiber effect and the displays the company logo 
When on YouTube the image is cropped to just above and below the text

YouTube Creation and Coaching

YouTube has now become the second biggest search engine after google and is owned by google.

I firmly believe that any digital marketing and SEO strategy should involve the use of YouTube at the forefront of its campaign.

As my favorite digital medium I have done extensive research into how to create, customise and rank a channel and also how to adapt, customise and rank videos for YouTube.

I can create and help you every step of the way in the creation and application of YouTube as part of your digital strategy

Photo Adaption and Optimisation

Adapted, watermarked image of landscaper strimming

Photo adaption for application means customising the images aspect ratio, crop, size and edit specifically for the application it will be used i.e. website, Instagram, Facebook etc.

For each application the photo will have and need different settings to optimise for that platform.

There is the added option to add a watermark to the images if required.

For the best results the images would need to be taken by myself and edited from raw.

Image adapted and optimised for use on a website,for O’Brien Landscaping and lawn Care