An amateur photographer with good working knowledge of adobe ligthroom and photoshop.
I currently use a canon EOS 80D with lenses ranging from 50mm to 250mm.

Photographs are a key element in portraying your business online.
While stock images may look good on the surface they do not add value, showcase your business or tell your story.
Having good quality images adapted for web will increase the speed of your website and help improve your seo.

If you need photographs of any kind for your business, website or of an event.
Pictures for social media or just new content.

I am available for all your photography needs!

Photography for Digital Marketing

When it comes to photography in terms of digital marketing how you present your business is of upmost importance.
There are many elements of a photo that can convey professionalism and help you to stand out from the crowd.

With the adaption of social media entire businesses and brands can be created with photographs alone on platforms such as Instagram.

Even having¬† professionally taken profile images on social media’s can give you an edge.

If your business sells products than good product photos are a must!

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